Toughened Glass

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is glass which has been specifically treated in order to make it far stronger than glass made in the usual way.

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Usually toughened glass is made by squeezing (compressing) the outer area of the sheet during manufacture, at the same time as stretching (putting tension) on the inside of the glass sheet. This combination of stresses causes the glass to splinter into small cubes when broken, rather than sharp shards. The result of the tempering process is the production of glass which isn’t just stronger than standard glass, but which is also safer: should the glass be fractured, the small cubes which are a result of the force are less likely to cause injury than the sharp shards which form when traditional glass is fractured.

When should I use tempered glass?

Tempered glass panels or a tempered glass door are ideal for environments where there is a significant risk of impact. Doors are prone to being knocked or bumped and may well be deliberately broken during unauthorised entry. For these reasons, doors need to be made of tempered glass if glass is the material of choice. Similarly, windows, shower screens, stair balustrades, pool fencing and similar features all need to be made using the strongest glass possible. Finally, tempered glass is also essential in structural glass work, where the glass bears some of the load of the building.

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Regardless of the type of glass project you wish to complete, we can usually provide the toughened glass you need to get it completed successfully. We offer an entire custom service, advising on the type of tempered glass that’s going to work best for your chosen application, as well as measuring up and then creating glass fittings which are a perfect fit for your requirements.

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