Noise Reduction

Whether you want to keep noise in, or prevent exterior noise from penetrating, sound proofing is an important part of many property requirements.

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Particularly when living or working in an urban environment, the ability to create an effective sound barrier is always important. In many circumstances,

sound proof glass

can provide a good solution. Research shows that windows are often where noise transfer is greatest in a building. The right type of noise reduction windows can go a long way to solving this problem. If noise control is a priority for your new-build, or you have an existing building which needs soundproofing, there are a number of different glass options available.

How does sound proof glass work?

There are a number of ways in which soundproofing can be achieved: one way is to use laminated glass – the layer of synthetic material between the sheets of glass significantly reduces the sound vibrations, reducing noise. Adding an additional layer of glass to your windows, with an airspace in between, gives greater acoustic insulation, particularly if the two layers are sited in different frames (using the same frame can cause vibration from one layer to be transferred to the other, reducing the effectiveness of the insulation.

A soundproof door can also make a difference

As well as acoustic glass as part of an acoustic window, it can also be used to form all, or part, of a door. After windows, doors are the next most likely part of a room to leak sound. Toughened insulating glass doors can significantly reduce noise transfer. They can also be constructed to be lightweight and easy to operate, as well as effective. Sliding doors, for example, can work particularly well in an area where soundproofing is a priority. Get in touch for advice and recommendations for all your soundproofing requirements.

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