Prefabricated Templates

Prefabricated glass

simply means glass that’s delivered to your site ready for instant installation. In comparison with glass that needs to be cut, shaped or finished on site, prefabricated panels are installation ready when they are delivered.

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Prefabrication is essential for larger projects, where the glass may well be constructed in several different sections, ready to be reassembled on site. Prefabrication opens up a wider range of possibilities for design than would be possible if all the work were carried out on site, giving customers more choice in the type of installation they opt for.

Prefabricated panels can save you time and money

There are a number of advantages to opting for prefabricated glass: because it arrives on site ready to be fixed in position, the installation process is far faster than if on site work were required; it’s possible for the glass to be expertly manufactured and shaped using specialist tools and skilled craftsmen before it’s delivered.

In many cases, the nature of the work required means it’s just not possible to provide the same quality if alterations or additional shaping is carried out on site; projects which use prefabricated panels are often more cost-effective than those which are carried out on site. With prefabricated panels you can quickly complete upgrades or installations to your awnings, balustrades and shop fronts.

Reduce glass waste when you use prefabricated glass

Because prefabricated glass has already been fashioned into the required dimensions for your project, there’s no need for excess material to be discarded due to last minute alterations on site. We measure up each project accurately, ensuring that prefabricated panels are of the right dimensions for your particular installation. Our custom-made prefab panels and other glass installations are manufactured to fit perfectly, minimising waste and increasing the cost-effectiveness of your piece of work. If you want an economical glass feature that’s been made to offer an exact fit for your interior or exterior, a prefabricated option could be the perfect choice.

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