As the name suggests,

mirror glass

is manufactured so that it has a highly reflective surface. This is achieved through coating glass with silver or aluminium, then applying layers of clear, protective, waterproof coating.

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Mirror glass can be used to reflect people and objects, as well as an intriguing accent to reflect light. It also has a multitude of interior design applications: for example, a mirrored wall can give the illusion of additional space, as well as act as a focal point in an indoor area. Depending on the type of glass used to form the underlying layer of the mirror, you can expect mirror glass to last as long as any other type of glass product.

How could mirror glass be used for my project?

One of the advantages of using mirror glass which has been toughened is that it’s possible to create a frameless mirror. The mirrored glass can be built into an existing construction without the need for a timber or metal frame to support it. This results in a seamless look, with the mirrored glass blending effortlessly with its surroundings. By using reinforced or toughened mirror glass, it’s also possible to create entire exterior or interior walls, or a ceiling or floor from mirror glass. Depending on the application, this not only makes a stunning visual impact, it can also have an influence on insulation and heating, through its ability to reflect the sun’s rays (and therefore heat) in a particular direction.

Frameless mirror options are a popular choice

Mirrored glass is suitable for commercial and residential properties, regardless of age, shape, size or architectural style. Whether you favour a classic look and want an antique mirror effect, or are aiming for contemporary style which favours plenty of light and sharp, clean, minimalist lines, mirror glass could work to give you the appearance you’re aiming for. Once installed, a frameless mirror requires little or no maintenance and is extremely durable, often providing many years of excellent performance.

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