Low Iron Glass

For some glass applications, an exceptional level of clarity is required. Iron is a naturally occurring element which is almost always found in the sand which is used to make glass, in varying amounts. Perfect for residential and commercial projects, low iron glass is a crisp and clear choice.

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The effect of iron in glass is to give it a faint greenish tinge. Whilst the tint is usually almost imperceptible (generally it can only be seen when the glass is laid against a white background), there are some places where clear glass is preferable. In these circumstances, it’s possible to obtain low iron glass (also called starphire glass).

Starphire glass for your fireplace glass doors and more

Low iron or starphire glass is simply glass which is made from low-iron sand. Sand for glass is sourced from many different parts of the country or internationally. Most deposits have moderate amounts of iron in them, whereas low-iron sand is found in only a few places. When low-iron sand is used for glass, it creates a very clear product that gives excellent transparency. Clarity is often an issue when a large expanse of glass is used, as the tint can become more obvious as the glass size increases. This means that for large-scale projects, including those involving structural glass, a low-iron option can give a cleaner, more sparkly look to the installation than would otherwise be the case.

How is low iron glass used?

Because we custom-make our glass commissions, we can ensure that whatever we create for you is made from low-iron glass to give you the look that you’re aiming for. Applications where starphire glass is frequently requested include fireplace glass, some windows (particularly showroom windows), display cases or anywhere else where a very clear glass is needed. With experience across a variety of glass types, we can advise on individual projects, helping you to determine whether low-iron glass is going to be most appropriate.

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