Laminated Glass

One of the concerns which many people have about using glass in a shower room, bathroom or similar is that the glass may shatter on impact, creating sharp shards which could cause injury.

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A similar concern exists around the use of glass in doors, due to the risk of shattering during unauthorised entry, inclement weather or an accidental impact. Laminated glass provides an answer to these concerns: not only is the glass toughened to minimise the risk of breakage, laminated glass is specially constructed so that it won’t shatter on impact. Instead, the glass breaks into chunks which are held in place by a pre-inserted interlayer. This ensures that the glass can be used safely in a wide range of applications.

Where can laminated safety glass be used?

Laminated safety glass is the perfect choice for any location where there is a risk of breakage. Ideal for use in doors of all types (including exterior or interior doors, shower doors or cupboard doors) or for fencing, laminated glass windows are also a good option. The process of lamination is suitable for use with several different glass types, opening up the range of possibilities even more. A sheet of ethylene-vinyl-acetate or polyvinyl butyral is placed between two sheets of glass. Once in place, if the glass is broken, the synthetic layer holds the pieces in place, reducing the risk of dangerous slivers of glass from causing injury. Laminating also makes the glass harder to penetrate, as an object has to pass through the synthetic membrane as well as one or more layers of glass.

Is laminated glass the same as tempered glass?

Not exactly, although tempered glass can be laminated. Tempering makes the glass stronger, but doesn’t keep it intact if it is broken. Lamination makes the glass tougher to break through and also helps to contain broken glass fragments. When the two processes are combined, the result is an extremely strong glass surface which can be used as safety glass in residential and commercial locations where impact is a hazard.

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