Hurricane Resistant Glass

Although hurricanes and other extreme weather events are more common in some parts of the country than others, it only takes one bad storm to create a significant amount of damage. High winds or heavy rainfall can put doors, windows and fences under an enormous strain.

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Fence posts that are already old and weakened or weathered window frames which no longer hold the glass tightly could all give way completely should severe weather occur. Replacing windows, doors and fences with durable, storm-resistant impact windows and other alternatives minimises the risk of damage should a bout of heavy weather occur.

The benefits of hurricane impact windows

Hurricane resistant glass needs to be able to withstand not only the pressure and tension caused by wind and rain, but also any accidental impact due to falling branches or debris which has been picked up and carried by the wind, only to be flung against the structure with force. We can provide a range of impact resistant windows which have been toughened and laminated to offer exceptional strength. In addition, through the use of a frameless glass installation, we are able to minimise the problems which can occur when glass no longer sits snugly in its frame.

Enhanced insulation and other advantages

Laminated glass, particularly if installed as part of a double window, doesn’t just minimise the risk of storm damage; if you want increase energy efficiency in your home or office, hurricane window protection often has greater insulating properties against noise and heat than standard glass fixtures. By installing high-grade, hurricane resistant glass now, you not only reduce the risk of personal injury due to a window, door or other fixture fracturing under the storm’s force, you could also potentially enjoy a quieter environment that costs less to keep cool during the warmer months or hotter when the thermometer begins to fall.

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