Distortion Free Glass

Distortions in glass may be caused either accidentally, through a flaw in the manufacturing process, or deliberately in order to create a particular visual effect.

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In most cases, customers want distortion free glass that will provide a clear, accurate image of whatever is on the other side. Particularly where excellent visibility is a priority, it’s vital that high-quality glass is used which doesn’t have any

glass distortion

. We offer a good selection of glass options, each of which is made to our tough quality control standards. What this means is that our privacy screens, balustrades, fences, and doors are constructed from distortion free glass.

Glass distortion may be a good thing

Occasionally a project will require glass distortion – in some cases a degree of privacy is required on the other side of the glass: distortion disrupts the view through the glass and can be used to create limited visibility if needed. Distortion can also be used to create intriguing effects on the glass, offering some exciting possibilities for ornamentation. We provide custom solutions for every glass project, enabling you to tailor the level of distortion (if any) that you need to suit the nature of your installation.

We can advise on your choice of glass product

Some processes which are used to create certain types of glass can result in a degree of distortion. Heat treated or toughened glass is exposed to extremely high temperatures, which almost inevitably result in some distortion during the cooling process. This can be problematic if you require an installation that’s undistorted but also has a considerable level of strength. As experienced manufacturers and installers of an assortment of glass fixtures, we usually have sufficient expertise to overcome this type of difficulty. Get in touch to find out more about your distortion free options.

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