Clear Glass

Sometimes ordinary glass just doesn’t have the clarity needed for the end result you’re looking for. Particularly where a specific visual effect is required, perhaps involving the play of light through the glass feature, or where there is a need for a flawless display option,

extra clear glass

could well be required.

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The main difference between clear glass and standard glass is the type of sand that’s been used to create it. If large amounts of iron or other elements are present in the sand which is melted to form the glass, the end product will be slightly opaque – often glass made with iron-rich sand has a slightly greenish tinge. Although this isn’t normally noticeable, in certain applications an unwanted tint can become more visible. If clarity matters, why not opt for one of our clear glass options?

We can provide extra clear glass

Whether you need clear glass plates or clear float glass (float glass is made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal to produce a sheet of glass that’s very flat and also very even in thickness – ideal for window glass), we have suitable products available. Our advanced manufacturing methods ensure that every piece of glass we create is made to a high standard, using our stringent quality control systems. If clear glass is required, we will use carefully sourced sand which is low in iron and other elements which may affect the clarity of the final installation.

Clear glass plates have many different applications

The most common use for clear glass is in windows, where occupants require a clear view out, or where a clear view in is needed (for example a commercial show room or shop front). It is also a popular choice for interior installations where an exceptional level of aesthetic appeal is required. Clear glass isn’t just decorative, it can also be treated so that it has all the toughness and durability of any other sort of glass. If you feel a high level of clarity is important to the end purpose of your installation, we can design and deliver a suitable option.

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