Types of Glass

Not all types of glass are the same! Although all glass is essentially liquid sand (sand which has been heated to an incredibly high temperature), additions to the liquid, different treatments following heating and added value procedures during the cooling process and beyond can result in a wide range of functional and aesthetic variations.

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As skilled glass manufacturers, we offer an exceptional range of glass options, including: frosted glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, acid etched glass, mirror glass, flat glass, sandblasted glass and many more options. No matter what type of job you want completing, we have the right glass to get it accomplished successfully.

Glass – a highly versatile material

One of the major advantages of using glass for your next refurbishment or new-build project is the wide range of applications to which it is suited. Depending on the type of glass you opt for, it’s possible to have a material that is strong enough to be used for structural load bearing or as a safety fence, through to a shower screen that’s been delicately etched with a stunning design or a frosted window that allows light to penetrate at the same time as providing privacy for the room’s occupants. Multi-faceted and always appealing, glass is the material of choice for a growing number of commercial and residential projects.

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Acid-EtchedMirroredLaminatedNoise ReductionHurricane Resistant

Low IronPrefabricated TemplatesClear GlassDistortion FreeToughened Glass

Assistance with your glass type selection

One of the challenges for customers is knowing which type of glass is going to be best suited for their piece of work. Not only are we able to give you the recommendations needed to make the choices which are right for you, we can also manufacture glass to your exact specifications. This means that in many cases we are able to customise the end result so that you end up with a piece of bespoke glass that exactly suits your intended end use.

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