Spa Fencing

A spa, hot tub or pool can be a great option for relaxing when it’s warm. Many people prefer to have a little privacy while they sunbathe or enjoy the water, particularly in urban areas where there are neighbours or the general public in close proximity.

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In addition, pools need to be fenced off for safety reasons, under Australian law. Toughened frameless glass is a great option for your swimming pool fence or similar installation. Strong enough to provide real protection against unauthorised entry, a glass fence is also visually attractive and can be tailored to provide the blend of privacy and visibility you want. With child friendly fencing options available the safety of your family will never be in question.


Have you considered a frosted spa privacy fence?

In some cases, homeowners may value the privacy which a fence may bring, at the same time as wanting to ensure that light can still enter the spa area. In these circumstances, a frosted glass fence could work well. Because we make each fence installation from scratch, we are able to customise the level of transparency to match your requirements. Our team work with a range of glass types and can create frameless panels which are fully frosted, partially frosted or completely clear. This allows you to end up with a design which is exactly what you want.


Glass spa pool fencing is easy to maintain

One of the issues with timber fencing is that it needs regular preservation treatments to ensure it keeps looking good; opting for a hedge barrier means scheduled trimming will be required. In comparison, glass is an attractive option that requires very little maintenance. Tough enough to withstand temperature variations, rain, wind and UV light, an occasional wash to remove dirt and dust is all that’s needed to keep it looking good. If you want to benefit from an attractive fence that’s also tough, low-maintenance and cheaper than you might think, toughened glass could be an excellent idea.

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