Frameless Shower Screens

Our glass shower screens are designed to benefit your entire bathroom. Glass adds a modern and sleek finish, and with its transparency, allows the rest of the bathroom to shine.

Creating beautiful focal points that stand out. Frameless glass shower screens make for a stylish addition by providing a generous flow of light and creating an illusion of open space. Not only that, but the presence and timeless elegance of our glass screens accentuates the beauty of your bathroom, adding value to the overall room as much as it adds aesthetic appeal. Shower screens in Sydney have never looked so good.

Unlike tiles, frameless glass shower screens make for an easy clean, no dirt and grime or grout stains and no collections of mould between the slacks. The frameless design makes cleaning simple with access to the entire glass panel compared to shower screens with attached frames. This sleek and elegant alternative affords you all the safety and security you need without compromising on style. Each job uses toughened safety glass to ensure your installation withstands the test of time and durability.

At Coastline Frameless Glass our glaziers uphold a strict work ethic to ensure all craftsmanship measures up to our seal of quality assurance which is why each installation comes with a 7 year trade warranty. With a toughened safety glass providing the strength, the modern touches to your home come with a durability and longevity that defines Coastline Frameless Glass as much as it does our products. The glass used in our frameless glass shower screens undergoes tempering and treatment to ensure it stays tough and durable. Resisting cracks, remaining scratch resistant and, with proper care, lasting the lifetime of your home.

What’s more, you can take advantage of our free measure and quote today and have one of our dedicated professionals come to you! When it comes to frameless glass shower screens in Sydney we ensure your project is handled with care. During the initial design concept we will visit the site to measure the area and discuss installation options. Before installation we will help you choose from a variety of styles and finishes that best suit your needs. And when you become one of our happy clients when your frameless glass shower screen is done, you can rest easy knowing you’re making the right choice.

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