Modern Frameless Glass

The unique characteristics which glass possesses has resulted in it being one of the main materials for use where a modern, up-to-date appearance is needed. Glass constructions possess clean lines and give a fresh, airy ambiance to installations.

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The transparency which glass possesses allows a range of different lighting effects that can create a stunning feature. Transparency is also handy when a clear field of vision is needed, such as a stunning privacy screen. At the same time, modern frameless glass is ideal as a barrier put in place for safety or protective reasons, as pool fencing for example. If you want the benefits of a tough, resilient material that also looks amazing, glass could be the option you’re looking for.

Have you considered modern shower doors?

Modern frameless glass is the material of choice for almost any contemporary bathroom. We provide toughened glass that’s perfectly safe for use in the bathroom. Customised to fit the unique contours of your shower, the glass can be shaped exactly how you wish. Glass is a robust substance that’s able to withstand the high humidity and temperature changes which are typical of a bathroom. Highly durable, easy to maintain and naturally antibacterial, glass is a clear winner when it comes to an attractive, functional shower door.

We offer modern glass extensions

Extremely attractive and perfect for properties which enjoy stunning views, modern extensions provide extra space as well as the opportunity to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. Glass extensions can give a traditional property a contemporary twist or can be fashioned to fit the character and age of your home. Affordable and long-lasting, a glass extension is frequently viewed as a favourable investment to make. Because our extensions are tailored to suit, we are able to provide something suitable for any home. Our skilled team are able to work on challenging sites and create individual solutions to specific problems.

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