Interior Doors

Probably one of the most adaptable and versatile materials for interior doors, glass can give stunning results as well as being extremely practical. The transparent nature of glass allows the passage of light through your property when you opt for

interior glass doors.

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Many householders are amazed by how bright and airy their home feels when they replace opaque doors with glass options. Door curtains or partial frosting can provide privacy if required. As a natural material (glass is found naturally and is made from silica), glass complements brickwork, timber or cement wonderfully well.

Interior glazed doors are extremely strong

Although traditionally viewed as a delicate material, the reality is that modern manufacturing techniques can create toughened glass that can withstand enormous impacts. Commonly used in iconic architectural projects, toughened glass also makes safe, durable interior and exterior doors that won’t crack, splinter or break under normal conditions. The doors we provide are made to the very highest possible standards, ensuring they will perform well, even with challenging use. Glass is difficult to scratch or chip, which means it often lasts better than an equivalent timber door.

Moveable residential glass walls

Perfect for larger spaces where multi-functional occupancy is required, glass walls can provide an instant barrier without compromising light entry or the visual appeal of an area. Ideal for dividing a bigger room or separating off some space for a specific use, glass walls provide a contemporary feature that’s not only utilitarian, but also extremely attractive. Easy to move into position, glass walls are straight-forward to maintain and once installed can last for many years without further attention. An affordable alternative to more traditional room dividers, residential glass walls can be customised to fit your individual property. If you want to optimise how your space is used, moveable glass walls could be an excellent solution.

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