External Doors

Do you want to know who’s outside your door before letting them in? Would you value some additional light in your hallway? In these circumstances and many more,

exterior doors with glass

could be the perfect solution.

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We offer a complete selection of doors which combine high-grade timber with toughened glass inserts. This results in an attractive feature that also offers uncompromising security and longevity. If required, our doors can be custom-made to match your exact specifications. Whether you want modern external doors, or something more traditional, we can provide an appealing answer.

Frameless glass doors

For stunning modern interior or exterior doors, have you considered frameless glass. Although classic glass installations tend to be surrounded by a wooden, metal or PVC surround, frameless glass projects use specially formulated glass which is tough enough to stand alone without the need for a frame. Using frameless glass results in fresh, crisp lines and a modern, clean appearance that can rapidly up-date your frontage. Frameless glass is incredibly tough and its transparency also provides a number of benefits: if you want to supervise the children in the garden, admire the flowers or see who’s entering your property, a toughened frameless glass door would meet your needs perfectly.

Custom exterior glass doors

As our doors are made-to-measure, you can pick a shape and dimensions which are exactly right for your property. If necessary, we can fashion sliding doors, double doors or other permutations. Once in place, glass doors are straight-forward to maintain and can be fitted with locks and other security measures in exactly the same way as any other door. Maintenance is minimal: there is no need for regular sealing or preserving treatments and no specialist cleaning is required – just clean in the same way as you would your windows or other glass installations. With a wide selection of residential and commercial glass options available, we’re sure you’ll find a piece that captures your eye and turns heads.

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