Bath Screen

Even careful bathing can still leave unwanted splashes and drips on the bathroom floor and wall. A glass bath screen is a good solution, keeping water in the bath and helping to contain humidity without restricting the light.

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Contemporary bath shower screens are made from specially toughened glass. This material offers all the benefits of traditional glass (transparent, anti-bacterial, easy to clean and durable) at the same time as also being exceptionally strong. Its strength allows it to be safely used for over bath shower screens and similar applications. Resistant to cracking and chipping, glass is also able to take considerable impact without an ill-effects.

Bath glass screen options customised for your home

For many people, the challenge when it comes to a bath screen is finding one that’s suitable for the configuration of their bathroom. There is often limited space to fit a screen, meaning that whatever is put in place needs to be able to do the job at the same time as allowing easy access to and from the tub. Because we manufacture glass products as well as install them, we are able to create a screen that’s tailored to your particular circumstances. This means that if you have a quirky property with an unusually shaped bathroom, have fixtures which mean conventional screens aren’t suitable or have any other challenging aspects to your installation, we can usually come up with something that’s suitable.

Modern folding shower screens for baths

Offering more options than a single sheet of glass, folding screens can be tucked back when not in use. This can improve the visual appeal of the bathroom space, as well as giving people the choice to use the screen when necessary (for example during showering) or leave it retracted when bathing. Folding shower screens are ideal for smaller bathrooms and baths which are also used as shower basins.

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