Frameless Glass North Sydney

A stone’s throw from the CBD, North Sydney has the beaches and lifestyle that combine to make it the ultimate living destination. With beautiful views of Sydney Harbour and a collection of restaurants and bars constantly buzzing, it is the ideal spot to settle down.

As the leading suppliers of frameless glass in North Sydney, we’ve spent the past decade supplying and installing exceptional frameless glass to countless homes and businesses. Our commitment to North Sydney is to provide quality products, superior installations and a professional and reliable service that will add to your home with minimal disruption to your life. With over ten years of experience as glaziers, if you’re looking to transform your property with frameless glass, we are the clear choice.

Our frameless glass options for North Sydney include:

  • Glass Pool Fencing: Glass pool fencing is quickly becoming the sleek and stylish choice for North Sydney residents looking to add elegance and safety to their pool space. At Coastline Frameless Glass we provide affordable glass pool fencing. We ensure all our glass pool options are toughened and comply with Australian safety standards.
  • Glass Balustrades: Glass Balustrades are a popular choice for stairs, balconies and deck railings. Frameless glass balustrades offer modern flair and have a range of advantages over more traditional options like wood or metal railings. Glass balustrades provide sweeping views, without obstructions or unsightly balustrade lines. They provide an easy to clean surface made of toughened safety glass that adheres to all Australian safety standards and represent outstanding value. Durable, long-lasting and exceptional, our glass balustrades have the ability to elevate any outdoor space. In addition, they are highly suited for exposed balconies and sweeping view properties in North Sydney offering wind protection without sacrificing any of the view.
  • Stair Balustrades: Stair Balustrades offer modern and stylish additions to internal and external staircases. We supply and install frameless glass balustrades with quality, tempered glass that won’t pose safety risk to your home or business. As a unique feature inside, or outside your home, frameless glass balustrades are the ideal way to keep your home elegant and stylish. We comply with all Australian safety standards and with a wide range of styles and finishes to choose from, you can open your home with our transparent partitions.
  • Shower Screens: Our glass shower screens benefit your entire bathroom, adding a modern, sleek finish while its transparency allows the rest of the bathroom to shine. Creating stunning focal points that stand out. Frameless glass shower screens are a stylish addition. Providing a generous flow of light and creating an illusion of open space. Not only that, but the presence and timeless elegance of our glass screens accentuates the beauty of your bathroom, adding value to the overall room as much as it adds a ‘wow’ factor.

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