Frameless Glass North Sydney

A stone’s throw from the CBD, North Sydney has the beaches and lifestyle that combine to make it the ultimate living destination. With beautiful views of Sydney Harbour and a collection of restaurants and bars constantly buzzing, it is the ideal spot to settle down.

As the leading suppliers and installers of frameless glass in North Sydney, we’ve spent the past decade working in homes to create stunning glass feature pieces that are both safe and stylish. Our commitment to North Sydney has remained the same since we first started making homes and businesses more beautiful. To provide quality products, superior installations and a reliable service that will add to your home or business. With minimal disruption to your life and a focus on premium results at affordable prices, we’re proud to be the frameless glass North Sydney experts and the first choice when it comes to frameless glass structures.

Our frameless glass North Sydney options include:

  • Glass Pool Fencing: Glass pool fencing is the convenient and affordable option when it comes to keeping your pool secure. The benefit of glass pool fencing comes from its value as a security device. Our pool fence glass is designed for outdoor use, withstanding the elements and acting as a tough and durable barrier to keep your kids safely out of the pool. Still, if you do need to watch the little ones in the water, the transparent glass design allows for perfect lines of sight, so you always know what’s going on. More than simply security, glass pool fencing adds a style and class to any outdoor space, with its transparency welcoming light and projecting an aura of space and openness. When it comes to pool fencing North Sydney, we’re the obvious choice.
  • Glass Balustrades. Perfectly suited to the verandas, decks and entertainment areas of North Sydney, glass balustrades are a popular choice. Frameless glass balustrades are the superior option when it comes to the style and safety of your outdoor areas. Providing contemporary flair, their most obvious advantage over more traditional balustrades like wood or metal come from their unobstructed line of sight. Providing sweeping views, with no unsightly balustrade lines, they also adhere to all standards of safety and regulation for glass balustrades in North Sydney. An exceptional choice, our glass balustrades bring the most out of any property.
  • Stair Balustrades: While your house or business reflects your personal style, your staircase shouldn’t be left out. Glass Stair Balustrades combine the best in safety with the best in style. Whether your staircase is an internal or external feature of your property, our experienced glaziers can work towards your design dream. Our tempered glass is the highest quality available and won’t break or crack over time. An elegant option that invites natural light flow, creating the aura of space in even the tightest staircases. With a wide range of stair balustrades in North Sydney to choose from, you can open your property up in style.
  • Shower Screens: The addition of a frameless glass shower screen can transform any bathroom. We offer scratch resistant screens, tested and proven to endure over the years. Whether you want a modern and sleek finish to raise the profile of your bathroom, or a simple and sophisticated addition that lets the rest of your features shine, glass shower screens have what you need with the flexibility of their final product. With the ability to let natural light fill the room, our glass shower screens create an illusion of light and space, turning even the tightest bathroom into a modern, updated space for your family. Your shower screen North Sydney visions come to life with us.

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