Structural Glazing

A growing number of cutting-edge developments in both the commercial and the residential sector are incorporating an element of structural glazing. Structural glazing involves using glass to carry some of the structural load of the construction.

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Classic buildings may have glass installations (typically windows), but the load surrounding the glass has been carried through other mechanisms (for example window frames). Structural glazing provides an opportunity to exploit the strength which toughened glass provides and use it to help support the walls, floor or ceiling of a development. Structural glazing can have many aesthetic and functional advantages, providing a novel solution to many common construction issues.

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We are established glass manufacturers who are able to create custom structural glass installations which are suitable for homes, office blocks and related buildings. Our team is able to work with architects, surveyors and other industry professionals to come up with a cost-effective solution which fits the required design specification. The unique blend of properties which glass possesses (including its transparency, strength, durability, inertness and anti-bacterial surface) makes it ideal as a structural material which has many different applications.

Structural silicone glazing can update existing structures

As well as being a popular choice for new-build properties, glass can be installed in existing properties as part of a refurbishment or modernisation process. Because the glass is toughened so that it can be fitted without the need for a frame, a wall or similar presents as a single expanse of glass which can look extremely impressive as well as allowing a large amount of light to pass through. Suitable for exterior walls and a striking material to use as part of a floor, glass can also be used for a range of different interior installations. Glass curtain walls and balustrades are popular structural glass options for indoor spaces.

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