Glass Awning

Although it may feel counter-intuitive to install a glass awning, the reality is that glass can provide an appealing feature that also has a number of functional advantages.

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A major benefit of a glass canopy is that it lets in the light. Almost every location looks more inviting when there is a significant amount of natural daylight, which is why a glass porch canopy or glass patio canopy is always a good choice. While glass awnings create warm and welcoming spaces for commercial locations, encouraging foot traffic. Glass also provides a modern, airy ambiance, making it a great choice for contemporary homes where a fresh, clean style is favoured.

A glass canopy is strong and durable

Despite its reputation for fragility, the toughened, frameless glass we offer is tough stuff! Able to weight bear without cracking or fracturing, glass is also extremely resistant to weathering. From UV light through to temperature change, moisture and winds, glass can resist a number of environmental hazards. Although there is always a concern regarding cost, in the longer term glass is often cheaper than some of the other options on the market: once installed, virtually no maintenance is required and cleaning is a straight-forward, economical process. In many cases, a good-quality glass awning can last for decades if cared for correctly.

Range of options for glass awnings

If you are considering glass awnings for your home or business, our team can help. We are able to advise on the possibilities which are open to you, designing a custom answer which is tailored to your particular needs. Many people are pleasantly surprised by just how affordable a glass awning can be. Practical, functional and highly attractive, an awning can visually enhance your outdoor space as well as provide welcome shelter against the elements. Suitable for all-year use, a glass awning offer reliable protection that won’t let you down.

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