Commercial Balustrades

For a truly compelling interior or exterior feature, a balustrade is a great option. A popular edging for schools, patios, steps or other areas where a guard is needed to minimise the risk of falling and also to provide a degree of support for people using the adjacent area, a commercial balustrade blends safety and style perfectly.

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Many business owners use them to create a stylish and secure barrier while meeting all relevant Australian Safety Standards. Indoors, in addition to being used as part of a staircase or balcony in larger commercial locations, a balustrade also works well to separate one part of a site from another, provide an engaging feature in a public area, school, or working environment.

Why opt for commercial glass balustrades?

Toughened glass has many advantages as a construction material: not only is it incredibly strong and durable, glass is also simple to maintain and lends itself to a wide range of different structures. One of the most striking characteristics of glass is its transparency: not only does it allow light to pass through, the glass can also act as a prism for the light, resulting in some intriguing visual effects which you just can’t get with any other material. Glass is extremely versatile and can look perfect in properties of all sizes, ages and styles.

Competitively priced custom glass balustrades

Toughened glass balustrades are often less costly than imagined, particularly when the low maintenance and exceptional longevity of a glass installation is taken into consideration. We make custom balustrades that are designed and manufactured to your exact specifications. Whether you want a simple yet striking balustrade or are looking for something more ornate or novel to match your shop front or awning, we are able to both suggest suitable solutions and take your ideas and transform them into a stunning reality.

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