Commercial Frameless Glass

The material of choice for any frontage where modern, contemporary chic is a priority, commercial frameless glass is ideal for showroom windows, shop windows, sliding doors and more.

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Not only does it look stunning, glass also ensures that your goods are easy to view, providing customers with a visual invitation to come inside and see more of what you’ve got to offer. Frameless glass is strong enough to allow large areas to be covered by a single sheet – an ideal solution for larger premises with extensive frontage. Once in place, the glass is easy to keep clean and effortless to maintain, ensuring your building looks fantastic for years to come.

Commercial frameless glass door hardware

Our team are able to design and fit a commercial glass installation in almost any location. We are able to complete every aspect of your project: from initial design and costings through to manufacture of the panels and fixings needed, skilled installation and post-fitting checks, we can get the lot completed. Cost-effective and able to install your glass windows and doors with minimal disruption to your business activities, frameless glass can significantly improve the visual appeal of your premises, as well as allow more light to penetrate into the interior.

We provide commercial windows and commercial frameless glass doors

Not only do glass panels or doors look appealing, they are also extremely durable and able to cope with challenging conditions. Resistant to weather, UV light and wear and tear, glass panels are also an excellent safety measure. They are designed to be strong, minimising the risk of an unexpected fracture as well as providing excellent security. Because the dimensions and design of your commercial installation can be tailored to your specific requirements, including budgetary constraints, it’s possible to get the results you want for a highly competitive price.


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