Child Friendly Glass Fence

Children love the pool, but without adequate supervision it’s all too easy for them to get into difficulties. That’s where a glass

child proof pool fence

could work really well.

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As tough as a timber fence or brick wall, a glass child proof pool fence can become an impenetrable barrier which keeps little ones away from the dangers of the water. If you wish to allow your children to swim, but don’t want to have to supervise at the poolside, why not have the pool fence aspect facing your home made from clear glass? This allows you to clearly see what’s going on, without needing to be directly in the pool area.

A kid safe pool fence is the law

It is the law that all pool fencing complies with the Australian Standard for Swimming Pool Fencing (AS1926). In addition, there are various restrictions and considerations for the features and landscaping in the near vicinity of the wall. As experienced installers of child proof glass pool fencing, we are able to ensure that your fencing complies with all necessary legislation and regulation, without compromising the visual appeal or functionality of the end result.

A glass kid safe pool fence is attractive and functional

A kid-friendly pool fence made from glass has a range of practical advantages, as well as being an attractive feature in your garden. The toughened glass used to make pool fences is enormously strong as well as being very durable; one your fence is installed, it should last for decades! Glass is naturally antibacterial and very easy to keep clean – a must when small children are using the pool.

We can customise your pool fence to suit your requirements. Regardless of the size or shape of your pool and the surrounding landscape, we are able to create a stunning glass fence feature which will also keep children safe from the perils of the water.

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