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Pool Fencing

Transformative. Luxurious. Affordable. For lasting security and style, frameless glass pool fencing is the obvious choice.

Glass Balustrades

Choose an outstanding feature piece. Bring a contemporary flair and modern design to your space with glass balustrades.

Stair Balustrades

Flowing light and space. With a wide range of designs and finishes to choose from, stair balustrades open your home in style.

Shower Screens

A modern addition to any bathroom, glass shower screens are durable, easy to clean, and let the rest of your room shine.

Frameless Glass Sydney

Why are a growing number of people across Newcastle, the Central Coast, Sydney and Northern Beaches area choosing to use frameless glass for their balustrades, shower screens, pool fencing and similar features?

As a leading local supplier of custom frameless glass installations, we recognise that the unique qualities which glass possesses are crucial in its appeal. Take a look at why glass is becoming the material of choice for a wide range of applications:

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The benefits of glass installation

Enormous aesthetic appeal – There’s no doubt about it, shiny clear glass looks amazing. As a natural material (glass is made from silica, the same material that produces the sparkles you see on a sandy beach), glass works beautifully with marble, bricks, granite or wood. Incredibly versatile, glass can also offer an engaging accent when used alongside plastics or other synthetic options.

Amazingly versatile – Glass works well in almost any design setting. A natural part of traditional décor schemes, glass can also add a novel contemporary twist to its surroundings. Ideal for modern properties, glass lends itself to almost any location.

Transparency has numerous benefits – Because glass can let in the light, it’s ideal for situations where a tough barrier is needed, but without impeding vision. A pool wall made from toughened glass, for example, enables parents to see and supervise what children are doing in the pool, at the same time as providing the barriers required under Australian health & safety legislation. Glass also enables you to showcase your outdoor features, at the same time as providing a strong structure that can be used to delineate your property as you wish.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor locations – Despite its fragile, delicate appearance, toughened glass is an incredibly robust material. Resistant to moisture and temperature changes, it is ideal for use outside, particularly in damp environments. Conversely, it can be used indoors without looking out of place, providing a feature that helps to give a light, airy ambiance which is always appealing.

Low maintenance – Once in place, glass requires little more than regular cleaning to keep it in premium condition. Unlike wood, which frequently needs to be regularly coated with preservative in order to keep it looking its best, glass will last for years without any treatment being required.


Naturally antibacterial – Because glass isn’t absorptive, it doesn’t harbour germs, mould, bacteria or other organisms in the same way as other materials. Not only does this characteristic help to explain the longevity of a glass installation, it also makes frameless glass an ideal material for use in settings where water is present. Perfect for the bathroom or poolside, glass can also work well where there is high humidity, for example in conservatories or saunas.


Toughened glass complies with health & safety regulations – When you opt for a frameless glass structure, you will end up with a fitting that’s incredibly robust. Toughened glass will withstand a large amount of force (there are numerous toughened glass floors in office blocks and similar across the country, for example). Whether you want a tough shower door or a durable, heavy-duty surround for your pool, glass is able to deliver exactly what you need.


With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why frameless glass is the material of choice for high-grade projects across the Northern Beaches and in Sydney.

We offer custom frameless glass installations in the local area

As experienced, established designers and installers of frameless glass projects, our goal is to provide every customer with a glass installation that’s exactly right for their requirements. Because we design each project from scratch, we are able to come up with a solution that matches what you’re looking for. If you have a uniquely shaped pool, a shower door that has unusual dimensions or require a balustrade that will fit into a particular space, we can deliver a toughened glass option that’s specifically made to do the job.

Frameless glass is a long-term investment

One of the reasons why it’s worth investing in a custom answer to your glass installation is the long life span which glass offers. Once your glass has been installed, it will normally last for many years without requiring further attention. This means that when you turn to us for your glass needs, you’ll end up with a quality installation that provides the visual effect and function you’re looking for. We get your project right first time, every time.

How affordable is frameless glass?

A common misconception is that glass is an expensive option. In the short term glass may be pricier than wood, for example, but its superior life span and lack of maintenance requirements means that over the years, it works out as potentially much cheaper. In addition, we price competitively and can often offer cheaper solutions if you are working to a particular budget. If you want to enjoy the benefits which glass can bring, why not get in touch, tell us what your budgetary constraints are and let us try to come up with a suitable solution that’s also affordable for you?

Why use us for your toughened frameless glass in Northern Beaches and Sydney area?

We are an established, experienced company that has installed everything from pool fences to balustrades in the surrounding area. Here’s why a growing number of people trust us with their frameless glass project:


Customised solutions – We listen to what you want and then come up with a way to let you have it. Our team are used to dealing with tricky projects or challenging locations, as well as more straight-forward jobs. From pool walls to shower doors, stair balustrades and unique installations, if it involves frameless glass, we normally have the capacity to meet your requirements.
Local knowledge – Because we work on properties in and around Newcastle, the Central Coast, the Eastern Suburbs, the Northern Beaches and Sydney, we are aware of local factors which can affect glass installations. If required we can advise on planning controls, health & safety legislation and other regulations which may affect your project, ensuring you end up with an outcome that’s safe and legal as well as what you want.

Cost-effective options – Cost is important to our customers, which is why we always do our best to meet your needs at a competitive price. If you tell us your budget, we will do our utmost to find a suitable answer for you that’s also affordable. A glass installation is a long-term investment that not only provides an attractive, functional feature, it may even enhance the value of your property!


Excellent workmanship from experienced craftsmen – We know our material and its capabilities, as well as how to craft it into the design you want. Our installations are created to blend maximum visual appeal with excellent function, as well as durability. Not only do they look amazing, they are also tough, durable features which are built to last.

Customer care is our priority – Much of our business is obtained through word-of-mouth, so our livelihood depends on making every job as good as it possibly can be. Our aim is to provide 100% satisfaction at every stage of your dealings with us. From your initial enquiry through to post-completion follow-up, we want every part of your experience with us to be exceptional.

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