Pool Fencing

By law all Australian pools must be safely secured with a fence in adherence to residential building and safety regulations, however, that does not mean that you are obliged to resort to a complete eye sore.

Coastline Frameless Glass can redefine your outdoor living space with modern accents and sleek designs whilst still maintaining all the safety and security needed for you and your family.

For that added security, frameless glass pool fencing allows for sight of the pool at all times, whilst still affording you the luxury of uninterrupted views of the background and surrounding areas. Unlike traditional pool fences, the transparency of frameless glass caters for the illusive space of a widened backyard. What’s more is, we use thick toughened safety glass that is durable, safe, easy to clean and provides an effective windbreak for those in and around the pool.

At Coastline Frameless Glass we are confident that no matter the size or the aspect of your pool, there’s no site we can’t fence. In fact we are so confident with our work that we supply and install our products ourselves! That means, no middleman and no unnecessary costs. You’ll deal with us, and only us.

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